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Post by BenB » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:11 pm

Not sure if it logged it or not so I'll post here along with my rationale for it. Johner2000 was banned for one (1) day.

He repeatedly requested on specification spawns. Once he realized that this was going to be a futile effort, possibly getting him banned, he switched tactics. I genuinely believe he is a person whom elicits pleasure from violation of others. His next tactic was to ask me about any servers he could spawn monsters for himself. I suggested the test server for the main game and even explained how he could set himself as a GM there in order to realize his goal.

This did not suit him as he said he'd already done that but was unable to spawn monsters. He said then something about not having forums. I suggested he use a search engine to find instructions on setting up a game server of his own, and free forum hosting. Apparently this did not suit either as he replied he could not find any information on it.

I may not exactly be the brightest bulb in a box of light bulbs, and be rather ignorant at times, however if one cannot read simple instructions it only stands to reason they'd not even be in our game here. Therefore I saw repeated nagging as begging and more so as harassment of others. I will grant him two more tries after his one day ban ends. Each will merit a one day ban upon him harassing others again. After that I will block him. I think three strikes is more than fair.

He was also granted three strikes today, messages on the forum were indicative his actions were unacceptable. He continued and so met with the consequence.

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Re: Johner2000

Post by pyndragon » Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:35 pm

I have to agree. If a player is consistently disrupting the pleasant atmosphere and camaraderie on Land of Fire, they can go enjoy the mess on the main TMW :twisted:
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