Robin Hood 1 Day Banning

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Re: Robin Hood 1 Day Banning

Post by simbageoleo » Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:14 pm

i know this is going to sound insane but prehaps you should get someone that is a hacker to try to hack the server on purpose to see how secure it really is and then if he finds flaws how to fix them

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Re: Robin Hood 1 Day Banning

Post by Pihro » Fri Nov 01, 2013 6:27 pm

This thread...
I will work my way backwards, trying to reply to most comments.
simbageoleo wrote:i know this is going to sound insane but prehaps you should get someone that is a hacker to try to hack the server on purpose to see how secure it really is and then if he finds flaws how to fix them
If this he is me, then I would be very offended if someone tried to hack the server (I created if for players, not me. If you want it gone, feel free to quit, as you not playing means its not in your life ;) )
BenB wrote:Also am now, leaving kicking and banning to higher ups as well. I'll suggest ignoring, offer helpful bits, spawn,
have fun. Beyond that, let the "bosses" do the heavy lifting.
The tasks you took on included keeping the server and player safe, which includes banning.
simbageoleo wrote:remove the fun yeah banning someone before they get to explain themself is fun is it you are staff on this server for a reason and that is because you know the ruels and uphold them and know what to do n the right situation the proper proceedure would have been to take me aside and speak to me ask me to appoligise for my actions and that would have been it not full out ban them with nothing to go on if it was true false or whatever bring the 2 persons in question to a secluded place and get them to explain themselves that way you can keep friendships on here before you jump in the deep end try to take small approaches
Agreed, I think. Rules need upheld, but allowing the player to defend themselves or speak, or apologize and allow players to discuss their differences is a much better method of holding and bonding a community together. Kicking someone out of town for a mistake or misunderstanding isn't fair to the player or the community. On the other hand, I understand you did what you did based off the facts you were given.
simbageoleo wrote:please put a training course in place for staff on this server if you need advice tell me and i will share my opinion of what to do in what situations
but hacking should not be a problem as the files are ## so making it harder to gain access to
I can do so, if we decide to continue to have staff members the way we do. Hacking? I haven't read the thread fully so this sounds threatening..
BenB wrote:Case in point, I asked about the new "testing" cars in game. To me they are the same as unreleased items. They are something "select" folks may have, thus causing conflict, drama. It really is in principle the same. Yet I was told by Bill, Pihro it was not. So, they follow a double standard. Rules apply but I guess only selectively.
The cars are not a part of the game. It's a client data mod, which there is absolutely no way they can be observed server side or admin side, so a rule against them couldn't be made if I wanted to outlaw them. Basically all it does is change the image file the gloves had, players without the mods won't see anything. Rules apply to all, not selectively. If you have seen other rules be held selectively, PM me and I will promptly deal with this.
BenB wrote:Pihro condemned me and DingoDuck for wearing ninja items in public. These are in the player databases, yet unlocked in this game. These then are items which "select" folks can use. It's the same principle involved with the issue of the cars as one needs told to use an alternate database, obviously the originator deciding on who to tell or not. So, yes in my view it was the same issue which brought admonishment on me. But, again rules selectively obeyed, enforced. A double standard by the name of a rose still being a double standard.
One set had been given in an event, and that player has quit. Despite their place in the db, they are not ingame and should not be there making all players jealous. These items will be ingame, but until then I would prefer they not be worn by people who have access to GM lvl 80+ spawned items.
BenB wrote:One would think then that admin would back a gm's call. You would be fooling yourself to think it.
I back the calls only if I consider them fair. We all have a different view of fairness. I want the server to be great for all the players, not just some.

If I missed any reply to anything or anyone has any more questions, comments, or disagreements, post it in Player Talk or PM me here. Thanks!

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Re: Robin Hood 1 Day Banning

Post by pyndragon » Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:38 pm

For the record, ban powers are very necessary but can be hard to use well. I've been on the inside of some of Cordo's bans, and I know that I would probably swing the ban-hammer sooner than Cordo in many cases. He also displays a very good admin trait by documenting bans.
To demonstrate:

Code: Select all

[19:56] Cordo: two clients open
[19:56] Pyndragon: Yep
[19:56] Cordo: that's the 'hacking'
[19:56] Pyndragon: That's against rules though, right?
[19:56] Cordo: supposed to be
[19:57] Pyndragon: Wow he's trying to hide it
[19:58] Pyndragon: Now he's trying to vent on me
[19:58] Cordo: sit tight a minute
[20:01] Cordo: had to log it
[20:01] Cordo: 1 month for both of them
[20:02] Pyndragon: *sigh* I hate seeing this happen
[20:02] Cordo: i do too
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