The Rules

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The Rules

Post by Pihro » Mon Jul 16, 2012 1:42 am

Ok, this is intended to be a fun server, but rules make it better for some and less fun for others. So, we will try and be nice but rules WILL be enforced on the server.

1. Do not harass anyone or ask for any GM status. If someone helps long enough with content development it could possible eventually be offered.

2. Do not verbally abuse or threaten any other player, this will result in a powerful slam from the almighty banhammer.

3. Try and be fair, it is annoying when someone steals drops or jumps in on a fight, or steals kills. Its just rude!

4. Have fun, and mention this server to friends, its not much of a server if the creators are the only ones enjoying it!

Also, new Developers are very welcome, mappers and pixel artists are ALWAYS needed.


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