Hi there, its been a while:)

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Hi there, its been a while:)

Post by ozthokk » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:33 pm

Hi everybody, its been a while since i seen anyone post here, so i figured i would post something of an update as to whats goin on in my life " If anyone is curious that is". Well i' ve been working a lot, i'm a janitor at a school, its work, but it kinda sucks having to deal with some who think that i am their own personal maid/butler. Um i know my title is janitor, but i am not their personal janitor, i have an entire high school i have to take care of, so i work for everyone and do not have the time to deal with petty problems, i leave that to my manager. Anyways, in my off time i have been kinda addicted to playing Minecraft, Skyrim and a few other games on Xbox 360, if anyone else plays 360, look me up, My tag is KnownEquation0, perhaps we can play something some time :), kinda can't wait for spring to come now, its so cold here :| ,Also looking forword to summer as well, i only work 3 days a week, between June to September, might be getting my own computer so i can get back into pixel art again and play more games on pc :| not sure for now though, as i have a few expenses, such as car repairs and i kinda need a new mattress :| , welp, thats wahts goin on with me, whats goin on with you? :)
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Re: Hi there, its been a while:)

Post by Pihro » Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:17 am

Hey all, I might as well post too. For the past while my life has consisted of work and spending time with family. I had a job working as a game store manager 6 days a week and working with a Home Depot during my non game store hours. It's been busy, but I recently left the game store due to employer dishonesty. Hopefully I will finally be able to work into a normal full time position (5 days a week is a distant dream for me). In my free time I've had my 3DS pretty much, its becoming my favorite system of all time. I've wanted to work on LoF so much but I simply can't and its pretty unfortunate. I miss the rapid development we had in early LoF and I want that back, I look back often and miss it a lot. Hopefully some day we will all meet again on a better server. I hate that the LoF we all worked on is falling apart and left behind. Anyways, feel free to contact me in PM here, I check back every few days. I miss you guys!

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Re: Hi there, its been a while:)

Post by BunnyBear » Fri Feb 20, 2015 11:26 am

Hello :D Happy to hear from you dudes ! :D Nothing new really going on in my life :P Trying to get a job is still hard.

Missing the glory days of LoF and the times i log on it's all so empty... :( I hope it comes back soon so we can have fun like we used to :)

Take care all :mrgreen:

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Re: Hi there, its been a while:)

Post by pyndragon » Sun May 17, 2015 8:50 pm

Hey people, I'm back from school and putting some time into the game again. Should be able to continue contributing this fall as well :) We're getting some fixes worked out so come out some time and say hi!
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