[CPT] Reviving a World

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[CPT] Reviving a World

Post by BenB » Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:43 am

Sat 16 Nov 2013 10:43:27 AM EST

Some concept/s I am given to considering writing up as part of story
line. I will also work in conjunction with my wife, Vanmier in game, to
write up NPC and player requirements for these concept/s.


An idea for players having homes, or houses is brought up at the above
discussion forum for TMW. I realize it was intended for TMW, think it
may serve LOF in its current state as well.

Please understand my goals. I do not wish to develop quests for Pihro's
newer version or vision of LOF. He has his own ideas. That is fine. :) I
am genuinely happy for him and hope the best in his journey comes. I on
the other hand desire advancing the old TMW plot line, as is viewed here

My idea is advancing up to and possibly beyond what Pihro has in mind.
This idea, plot line, will be a gradual and transitory one. Pihro has
desires, or least from what I gather, to start fresh and go into a
different and seemingly more industrial story.

Again, I think that is great! :) I merely differ upon the idea of
restarting when so much yet remains to explore of the older story line.
Homes for players is but one minor aspect or possibility I can see
happening. I further see water faring quests, trade routes, classes of
occupations or guilds.

As players we have only explored roughly one percent of the large world
map presented at the page below.


I am thinking in having so much more of a world to explore, we have
ample room for various ideas to spark up. Some, like Pihros may take
off on their own journeys. And that is indeed fine. :) I see the older
beginnings of The Mana World, as having been fashioned to ignite and
inspire such ventures.

Another concept in the works here is The Bandit Lord's Legacy quest. It
will be divided into smaller sub quests. Watch its respective thread
for continued development. It promises to be an open salvo in hopefully
ongoing further development of the older TMW world into our own version
of Land of Fire here.

Here is the Bandit Lord's Legacy forum.


By the way, it is rumored BunnyBear may cunningly be a Bandit Lord in
apprentice. These cockney GMs are ever duplicitous. Stand fast & run slow.

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