Let's Celebrate Christmas!

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Let's Celebrate Christmas!

Post by Billr » Mon Dec 23, 2013 8:39 pm

Winter has come to Hurnscald and the town has decorated for Christmas! Even the residents of Tulimshar got excited, hung up some lights and invited Santa and the Reinboos! Come join in the holiday festivities! :D :o :lol: 8-)

He got so excited, Lumin, one of the Santa's elves, has hidden himself all over the Land of Fire. Private email KeeKeeKat right here in the forums to get her instructions for you to find him and what your rewards will be.

If you try to find him before you get your instructions, you may not get your reward so be sure to get your instructions from KeeKeeKat first.

Enjoy! And Merry Christmas! :D

From the Winter Week of Code team.

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